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Sand Berms Brochure
Sand Berms
Sand Berms
Sand Berms

Helping to protect our environment, Alaska Dreams, Inc. teamed up with Custom Canvas Alaska LLC to offer Sand Berms. These berms are used under parked vehicles and equipment to contain drips and other fluids.
Fabricating our berms out of Cooley's L1023DEP Urethane, this fabric has an impressive minus 65 degree Fahrenheit   low temperature rating and is highly resistant to oil, hydraulic fluid, glycol, diesel, gasoline, aviation gas and other fluids. This fabric is made in the USA. The sand we use comes from Fairbanks Block and Building Materials. The welded seams are done on our 10K Thermatron dielectric welder.
The berms can be folded, then rolled to conserve on storage space. There is an optional FR nylon bag available to aid with handling and storage. The measurements are approximate interior dimensions and the wall height is approximately 2 inches.
We also can build berms to your specifications. We will be pleased to offer a price quote for your specific needs

Single Sand Berm Options

Sand Berm Options (minimum purchase of 12)

Optional Drawstring Bag Item #

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