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VP Building - Fairbanks, AK 002r
Riverboat Discovery 75'x90'-VP
30' x 40' VP
Riverboat Discovery 75' x 90' VP
40' x50' VP Pre- Engineered Steel Bldg.

Varco Pruden
Varco Pruden Buildings
Alaska Dreams, Inc. is an authorized dealer and builder for Varco Pruden Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Our VP building is designed from scratch – customized to meet each customer's needs. But one thing is standard, and that is the dependability of VP steel structural components – components that are made to withstand the test of time. Virtually maintenance free, VP systems resist the harmful effects of rain and dampness as well as various insect infestation problems. The VP buildings will remain strong, straight and beautiful to provide the client a high-quality investment.
  • Meets or exceeds all building code specifications.
  • Shorter construction time cycle
  • A variety of standard, flexible systems, not packages that are customized using the speed and accuracy of the VP Command computerized design and engineering system.
  • Recent studies prove the efficiency of steel construction can save up to 30% in overall construction cost for certain building types. And pricing is more accurate because of the standardization of system types.
  • Steel structural system components are not affected by damp rot or insect infestation. They will not warp, crack or require regular maintenance. Metal wall and roofing systems are finished with a variety of high-performance coating systems offering years of low-maintenance service.
  • Long-term value is integral to VP's goal to provide building solutions that combine style, function, fast construction and affordability with lasting quality. In addition, VP building systems incorporate a superior metal roofing system designed to provide years of worry-free service.

Varco Pruden Brochures (all in PDF form)

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